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Bardstown KY Bourbon Tours & Transportation

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Bardstown KY Bourbon Tours, Wineries, & More

Known as the bourbon capital of the world, Bardstown Kentucky should be on anyone’s bucket list that wants to hit the bourbon trail. The town has a great mix of large and craft distilleries, while having an old town feel with its picturesque town square. The city also has a rich history, with some wonderful museums and over 200 locations on its historic places registry.


Bardstown Distillery Offerings

We visit 10 distilleries via our private bourbon shuttles in Bardstown, KY. Here you can find everything from micro-distilleries, to industry giants like Jim Beam and Heaven Hill. You can taste $50+ samples at Willett, or find somewhere with free tastings off the beaten path. There really is something here for everyone. 

Bourbon Highlights - Heaven Hill, Willett, Bardstown Bourbon Co, Jim Beam


Bardstown Wine Offerings

There are some solid winery and vineyard stops in the Bardstown area. We love these because a handful are en route to the distilleries. This includes our Bardstown “perfect day” tour stop! 

Wine Highlights - Jester’s Winery, McIntyre's Winery & Berries, Forest Edge Winery. 


Bardstown Brewery Offerings

Remember, this is the bourbon capital, not the beer capital. There is actually just one distillery on our list, but there are plenty of pubs and places to stop in for a beer and a burger. In fact, we highly recommend that for lunch when our schedule allows it! 

Brewery Highlights - Scout and Scholar


Everything Else

Being a smaller city, Bardstown doesn't have quite as much to do as Louisville or Lex. But, it does make up for this, particularly in museums and history. This is a great city for a history buff, with its civil war museum, bourbon museum, and more! 

Other Highlights - Museums, picnics, hiking 

Top Pick! Ready to Drink Tour #1

Bardstown Surrounding Tour

Stop #1 Four Roses Bottling or Preservation Distillery

Stop #2 Log Still Distilling


Stop #3 Maker's Mark Distillery 


Ready to Drink Tour #2

Bardstown-City Distillery Day

Stop #1 Bardstown Bourbon Co

Stop #2 Preservation Distillery


Stop #3 Heaven Hill Distillery 

Owner's Pick

Bardstown Perfect Day Tour #1

Stop #1 Bardstown Bourbon Distillery Tour

Stop #2 Bourbon Tasting (TBD)

Lunch (or picnic)

Stop #3 Short Lakeside Hike at Bernheim Forest (Weather Permitting)

Stop #4 Wine Tasting at Forest Edge Winery 

Stop #5 Cocktails and Gift Shop at Jim Beam Distillery 

Forest Giant-min (1).jpeg

Bardstown Full Distillery List 

We run Bardstown KY distillery tours to around 10 locations in the area. Guests can typically pick from 3 locations, or 4 if they are planning a few "tasting-only" experiences. As always, if there is something you want to do that's not on the list, let us know! We're sure we could accomodate!

Distillery List: Boundary Oak, Four Roses (bottling), Jim Beam, Willett, Limestone Branch, Log Still, Lux Row, Makers Mark , BBC, Heaven Hill, Preservation 

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