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Buffalo Trace Distillery Tours 

Transportation, Hours, & More

For generations, Buffalo Trace has been making a big impact on distilling in the Kentucky Capital. And over the past few decades, the company has added and resurrected a number of iconic brands by putting consistently great whiskey behind the bottles. 

Guests who visit for a Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour will delve into the company's impressive lineup of brands, including, Weller, Buffalo Trace, EH Taylor and more. The Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour site is also a historic landmark, with buildings well over 100 years old on the property. 

Our guests can add a Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour to any of our Louisville, Lexington, or Frankfort pick-3 bourbon packages, and, even if you can't get a tour, this place is always worth the visit. 

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour Information 

Wanting to do a tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery? Here are a few things to know! 

What will I see on a Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour?

Buffalo Trace has several tour options, with the 3 main ones being the Old Taylor tour, Hard Hat tour, and the Buffalo Trace tour. Each offers its own unique experience, which you can learn about on their website. Each tour provides a tasting, where you might see several aspects of production and visit any number of historic buildings. 

What else is there to do at Buffalo Trace? 

What can you do on the property besides a Buffalo Trace Tour? First off, Buffalo Trace has a huge gift shop and campus. You can stop in for a tasting, walk around their garden, kids can play at a small playground. There is a woodworking building where you can get a muddle made for your barn, a semi-hidden sandwich shop. There is really a lot here to discover! 

Is it difficult getting a Buffalo Trace Bourbon Tour? 

With bourbon becoming so popular over the years, it had been fairly difficult getting a Buffalo Trace tour without spamming a computer in the morning. A lot of folks book without showing up, book thinking it will get them a bottle, etc. More recently, trace has been doing a great job making tours accessible for folks who actually want to go. Visit their website or contact them for more info. We can always help, too, and have options for visiting this distillery in our tour packages. 



Mon - Sat: 9-5:00 PM

Sun: 11-5

Frankfort, KY 

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