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Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tours & Transportation

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Northern KY Bourbon Tours, Wineries, & More

Northern Kentucky is what most locals call the Greater-Cincinnati area. It’s home to the gorgeous riverfront towns Covington and Newport, with many homely towns surrounding them. In this area, you will find plenty of drink, grub, art, and entertainment. NKY makes for a wonderful day trip, and we would be glad to show you around!


NKY Distillery Offerings

NKY is home to a few really key bourbon destinations, with a handful of craft distillers in the area. This area also has a great history of old river town gambling and bootlegging, so it really is a fantastic area to have some drinks and soak in some culture

Bourbon Highlights - Boone County, New Riff Distillery, Pensive Distillery


NKY Wine Offerings

The main cities in NKY are rather populated, leaving little space for a winery to operate. However, in the outlying towns, there are indeed some of the best wineries in the state. There are also a few nice spots en route to Louisville and back, making a perfect addition to any agenda. 

Wine Highlights - Atwood, Elk Creek, Verona


NKY Brewery Offerings

Northern Kentucky is home to a few of the best breweries in all of Kentucky and has a fantastic beer scene. The major destination here is Braxtons, with some high-rated micro distilleries like Darkness and Fabled Brewing. There is also Wooden Cask Brewing, which is known for some fantastic barrel aged beers. 

Brewery Highlights - Braxtons, Wooden Cask, Darkness, Fabled


Everything Else

Northern Kentucky certainly is a fun area. There is a fantastic aquarium, ​some solid museums, great drink and architecture. Be sure to reach out about some of the potential add-ons and stops in this area! 

Other Highlights - Newport Gaming & Racing, Cincinatti Reds Museum, Newport on the Levee 

Top Pick! Ready to Drink Tour

Northern Kentucky Tour

Stop #1 Boone County Distillery Tour


Stop #2 Rare Tasting at Prohibition Bourbon Bar

Stop #3 New Riff Tour

New Riff Distillery-min.jpeg

Owner's Pick 

NKY Perfect Day Tour #1

Stop #1 Boone County Distillery Tasting

Brewery Lunch

Stop #2 Casino & Sports Betting in Newport 

Stop #3 New Riff Distillery Tour

Image by Jessica Tan

Northern KY Full Distillery List 

We run Northern Kentucky Bourbon tours to about 7 locations. The hours here are a little tricky, with most distilleries opening later than we'd like. BUT! We have done some good logistical planning for you and can certainly make a day of it. Be sure to ask if you're curious about all the bourbon-only options in the region, so we can get an itinerary together for you. 

Distillery List: Pensive Distilling Co., B. Bird Distillery, Boone County, Distilling Company, Neely Family Distillery, New Riff, Second Sight Spirits

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