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Tour Pricing and Driver Rates

Bourbon Your Way - Save by Booking with UKT

Guests with UKT can expect to save anywhere from $300-$500 per group on tour days versus most of the big brands. With that, we are not a "budget service" and we do not cut corners. We guarantee the same levels of service from our team as the big guys, and believe we are much more attentive than those taking out 10 busloads a week. As a smaller company, we work hard for the company of our clients and every guest matters. 

Pricing Preview

The pricing of our tours is rather simple. We have already built in taxes, tour prices, and gratuity into our simple pricing chart. The only thing you'll pay for on your distillery day would be for lunch, which will be determined the day of your tour. And of course, you may want to bring extra for bottles and souvenirs!


Please note, our pricing includes the "basic" tour package at each distillery and/or a standard tasting or cocktail if such is specified in your itinerary. A standard 15% gratuity has been included in each of the below prices, but you can always add more for good service. 

Full-Day Private Distillery Tour Rates


BMW or simular luxury sedan


Full-sized SUV or minivan

  • 2 Passengers - $449 Per Person 

  • 3 Passengers - $369 Per Person

  • 4 Passengers - $319 Per Person

  • 5 Passengers - $279 Per Person

  • 6 Passengers - $249 Per Person

Parties OF 7 OR MORE

Passenger van 

  • 7-12 Passengers - $249 Per Person

Additional Information

Included With Standard Price 

  • Private vehicle, driver, and transportation

  • Pickup at Louisville area hotel or Airbnb

  • Base admission to 3-4 distilleries as outlined in your itinerary

  • Standard distillery tour, or cocktail, or standard tasting at each stop as outlined in itinerary

  • Water & snacks 

  • Taxes & gratuity 

  • Drop-off at original pickup spot. 

Rare Charges 

  • Northern Kentucky Charge - This destination is a little further, so there are some additional expenses we incur going to NKT. This fee is $100 per group.  

  • Lexington Pickup Charge - We are based out of Louisville. We would be glad to pick you up in Lexington, though! This fee is $100 if we pick you up in Lexington for Frankfort, Louisville, NKY or Bardstown Tours. If you want to tour in Lexington, however and your pickup is in Lexington, there will be no additional charge. 

  • After-Hours Fees - You are allotted 9 hours during a tour day. If you want to do more, then an additional $60 per hour will be added to the total. This is based on driver availability. This charge will not occur for traffic or any rare issues that arise in your originally planned trip.

** Price matching available - If you find a lower rate, let us know! We'll do our best to match it. 

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