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Lexington KY Bourbon Tours & Transportation

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Lexington KY Bourbon Tours, Wineries, & More

Lexington is essentially the 2nd city of Kentucky. While it’s smaller and has more of a home-town feel than Louisville, Lex is quite gorgeous and well known for its world-class attractions. The highlight of these attractions are Kentucky’s biggest commodities, bourbon and horses. Lexington is home to several of our favorite distilleries and bourbon trail tour stops. 


Lexington Distillery Offerings

We run bourbon shuttle service to roughly 8 Lexington distilleries. This area includes everything from top-5 distillers, to craft and family owned enterprises. Most of the distilleries in Frankfort are en route, so it's easy to double up cities when we take a group down to Lexington! 

Bourbon Highlights - RD1, Town Branch, Woodford Reserve


Lexington Wine Offerings

We’ve mentioned before, KY isn’t Napa Valley, but we do our best! And, this part of Kentucky, with all its rolling hills and farmlands, is gorgeous and visiting a winery in this part of the state is always a treat. Oh, and there is a Sake Distillery too! We put that with wine because we didn't know where else to put it. 

Wine Highlights - Talon Winery, Grimes Mill, Jean Farris Winery, The Void Sake Company


Lexington Brewery Offerings

The craft beer scene in Lexington took off earlier than it did in other parts of Kentucky. Breweries like West 6th and Country Boy Brewing were established prior to the craft heyday and are KY staples. While there are only 6 breweries in our rotation here, there are some absolute gems and make a great day of brewery shenanigans.

Brewery Highlights - West 6th, Country Boy, Mirror Twin, Ethereal, Goodwood


Everything Else

Possibly even before bourbon, Lexington is known for horses and equine. So, some of the best things to do here are equine-related. There are seasonal horse races and great places to horseback ride. Also, there is a great art and museum scene in Lexington, with some wonderful destinations for each. 

Other Highlights - Horse races at Keeneland or Red Mile, KY Aviation Museum 

Top Pick! Ready to Drink Tour #1

Lexington Surrounding Tour

Stop #1 Whiskey Thief (Frankfort) Straight From the Barrel Tour

Stop #2 Town Branch Distillery Tour


Stop #3 Woodford Reserve Tour

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Ready to Drink Tour #2

Lexington City Distillery Day

Stop #1 Town Branch Distillery Tour

Stop #2 RD1 Distillery Tasting


Stop #3 James E Pepper Distillery Tour 

Owner's Pick

Lexington Perfect Day Tour #1

Stop #1 Town Branch Distillery Tour

Stop #2 Beer Flight at West 6th Brewery 


Stop #3 Sport, Horse, and Slot Betting at Red Mile

Stop #4 Bourbon & Moonshine Tasting at Barrel House Distilling

Woodford 2 (1).jpeg

Lexington KY Full Distillery List 

We run Lexington KY Distillery shuttle service to roughly 9 area locations. Keep in mind, you might see some repeats from Frankfort or Louisville, as some of these distilleries are on the way as you head east. 

Distillery List: Town Branch, Bluegrass Distillers (tastings only), James E Pepper Distilling Co, Jeptha Creed, Wild Turkey, Registered Distillery 1 (tastings only), Barrel House Distilling, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses

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