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Bourbon Distillery Tour Affiliate Program 

Thanks for your interest in our Kentucky bourbon distillery tour affiliate program! This program allows us to work with travel and tourism agencies, as well as bloggers and social influencers on promoting our business. We like to work with other small businesses, giving them an additional revenue stream rather than promoting ourselves on large, corporate travel sites. 


While we have this named as an affiliate program for marketing purposes, this is more of a partnership where you will work closely with our team on your referrals. For that reason, we must be selective about who we work with.

Unfiltered KY Tours Affiliate Program Details & Benefits


  • Uncapped commission 

  • 10% commission on new bookings (up to $125 per booking)

  • Cross-promotion on social media 

Who we work with 

  • Industry bloggers

  • Local tour and travel agencies 

  • Social media content creators 

Who we don’t work with 

  • Spammers 

  • Advertisers 

  • Bots

Please note, we do not take payments on our website. So there is no cookie-based tracking model. Affiliate partners will work closely with our company, submitting proof that they referred a client to us. So, this program is not for everyone. 

All affiliate partners are subject to terms & conditions and an affiliate partner agreement. These will be sent prior to any onboarding or agreements if you are approved for our program. 
If you or your company are interested, please fill out a form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch!

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