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Custom Kentucky Bourbon & More Tours

Custom Kentucky Tours and Private Drivers  

At Unfiltered Kentucky Tours, we know that each of our guests is unique, so we’d love to work together on crafting a day that is uniquely “you.” With custom tour days, all of our tour offerings, including spirits, destinations, and activities will culminate in a personalized trip for you and your guests. 


If you’re thinking about planning a custom tour day, we do have a “flight sheet” for each region which has all of the distilleries, wineries, and breweries, as well as a handful of other destinations. We can send this to you to help you plan. Or, feel free to do your own research! Let us know your top 5 destinations in one of our 5 regions, and we’ll do all the logistics and planning. It’s possible we may have to narrow your 5 down to 3 or 4 stops, but that will ultimately depend on how much time is allotted for each. 


Another way to book custom tour days would be to call or email us! Let us know what your favorite hobbies are, and we’ll let you know what’s available in that region. We’re great planners and would love working together to craft the perfect day for you. On your custom tour days, you can book all distilleries, some distilleries, or no distilleries! It’s your day and we’re here for it. 


One final note about custom days, they’re the same rate as all of our other outings. Yes, we know there is extra time involved in research, logistics, and planning, but we’ve always been the planners in our groups 🙂

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