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Jim Beam Distillery Tours 

Transportation, Hours, & More

For generations, Jim Beam has been a staple in the bourbon scene. This mammoth bourbon producer has history dating back to 18th century, and has had a profound impact on the bourbon community as a whole. 

So, those who partake in a Jim Beam Distillery Tour will delve into that rich history while sampling some fantastic whiskey along the way. The distillery is only about 30 minutes outside of Louisville, making it an easy trip for visitors or anyone doing a Bardstown Bourbon Trail tour. 

Our guests can add a Jim Beam Distillery Tour to any of our pick-3 bourbon tour packages, or can add it to any custom tour day! 

Jim Beam Tour Information 

Wanting to do a tour at Jim Beam Distillery? Here are some things you should know! 

What will I see on a Jim Beam Distillery Tour?

Jim Beam offers a full production tour with a tasting included. On this tour you will see the bourbon making process, while learning about aging, bottling, and more. You'll also hear some great information about the history behind the brand. 

What else is there to do at the Jim Beam Distillery? 

Other than the Jim Beam tour, there is quite a bit to do on the campus! Jim Beam has a full restaurant with some mighty-fine food, a tasting bar, cocktails, a huge patio, gift shop, photo booth, and more. We love spending extra time here, especially on a nice day to sip on the patio. 

How to get to Jim Beam Distillery?

Jim Beam is one of the easier distilleries to get to on the bourbon trail. This distillery is right up I-65 a few miles into Clermont. This distillery is a good stop to or from Bardstown. You likely won't find any ubers out this way, but we do offer transportation services to Jim Beam as part of Bardstown or Pick-3 Tour Packages! 



Weds - Mon: 9-5:30 PM


Clermont, KY 

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