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RTD (Ready To Drink) Tours

Ready To Drink Tours - Custom Bourbon Tours in Kentucky 

What is a RTD tour? RTD Tour stands for “ready to drink tour. These are pre-planned Kentucky bourbon tour days filled with popular distilleries that we've already picked out for you. The tours are a combination of guest-favorites, as well as favorite spots from our owner and staff. 


These tours are popular, as they take a lot of the planning and research out of our guests picking their own tours. With our RTD tours, there is some flexibility about swapping a tour with another distillery from the region, so long as it makes sense logistically. Be sure to during the booking process, and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Our full list of RTD Tours can be found below: 

Louisville RTD Tour #1

Louisville's Surrounding Tour

Stop #1 Kentucky Artisan Distillery/Jefferson's (Crestwood KY)


Stop #2 Bulleit Distillery (Shelbyville KY) 

Stop #3 Jim Beam Distillery (Clermont KY

01. AO exterior-min.jpg
Stitzel Weller-min.jpeg

Louisville RTD Tour #2

Louisville City Distillery Day

Stop #1 Stitzel Weller Distillery Tour

Stop #2 Bardstown Bourbon Co. Tasting Room


Stop #3 Angels Envy Tour

Stop #4 Peerless Distilling Tour

Frankfort RTD Tour #1

Frankfort Surrounding Tour

Stop #1 Wild Turkey

Stop #2 Buffalo Trace (tasting) 


Stop #3 Whiskey Theif Distilling

Woodford 2 (1).jpeg

Frankfort RTD Tour #2

Frankfort-City Distillery Day

Stop #1 Four Roses Distillery

Stop #2 Buffalo Trace Tasting


Stop #3 Castle and Key Tour

Lexington RTD Tour #1

Lexington Surrounding Tour

Stop #1 Whiskey Thief (Frankfort) Straight From the Barrel Tour

Stop #2 Four Roses Tour


Stop #3 Woodford Reserve Tour

Woodford 2 (1).jpeg

Bardstown RTD #1

Bardstown-City Distillery Day

Stop #1 Bardstown Bourbon Co Tour 

Stop #2 Willett Tour


Stop #3 Jim Beam Tour

Bardstown RTD #2

Bardstown Surrounding Tour

Stop #1 Heaven Hill Distillery

Stop #2 Maker's Mark


Stop #3 Limestone Branch Distillery

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