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Bourbon From the Barrel at Whiskey Thief Distillery

This is a bit of a late post, but we have been back to the distillery a few times since this cold, winter visit a few months back! All of our guests that we brought to do a Whiskey Thief Distillery tour have come back saying that it was one of their favorite stops of the day. So, what makes the Whiskey Thief Distillery tour so special? Here is our take!Whiskey Thief Distillery is located right inside of Frankfort Kentucky, just a few miles from Buffalo Trace, Woodford, and the others. So, it is a great stop when going to one of these larger locations while offering a completely different experience. In fact, when you enter the grounds here, you’ll come in on a gravel road, and you’ll be seeing farm animals rather than a giant distillery operation. 

Once you enter the distillery itself, you’ll notice that it’s quite homely, with most of the production happening under 1 roof. You’ll get to sample a handful of whiskeys straight out of the barrel, and on nice days, you can grab a cocktail or get a snack. But, what you receive here is a lot of attention for your group, by passionate employees, and a notion that your hard-earned money is going to a small business. 

You won’t really find Whiskey Thief's own bourbon on shelves at local liquor stores just yet, but a few non-distilling companies source their bourbon from the distillery. However, you can pick some Whiskey Thief juice up in the gift shop, or you can bottle your own straight from the barrel at the distillery from whichever was your favorite. 

One of our favorite parts of the Whiskey Thief Distillery tour is its authenticity. It doesn’t get much more authentic than drinking whiskey in a barn, with good friends, out on a farm. Sure, we love the well-polished postcard experiences of the bigger distilleries, but this kinda feels like the way whiskey out to be. 



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