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UKT Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Blog

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Distillery Blog & Guide

We visit distilleries too! Here are our tales from recently distillery tours, including previews and images. 

About Our Bourbon Blog

Thanks for visiting our blog! We love visiting distilleries too. In fact, between our staff, we've been to most of the bourbon distillery tours in Kentucky. We try to visit every bourbon distillery in our coverage area each year too, that way we can match customers with what they're looking for while only giving quality recommendations. Sometimes we get a behind the scenes look, and sometimes we'll be on a standard tour like our guests. We'll let you know within the blog posts! Here we'll also share some thoughts about bourbon, updates on new distilleries, and more. If you have something you want us to write about, be sure to let us know! For guest blogging, please submit a contact form at the bottom of our page. 

This content is intended for those 21+. The trademarks of the brands in our bourbon distillery blog are rightful property of the distilleries and their owners. 

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