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Louisville’s Most Historic Bourbon Distillery

A few months back, we took a Stitzel Weller distillery tour, home of one of the most historic bourbon campuses in the Louisville area. This particular distillery has an incredibly old feel, with modernity in all the right places and some speakeasy vibes all under one roof…, well, a handful of roofs. Here are our thoughts on this distillery! 

The campus dates back to the 30s, making it one of the best examples of pre-war architecture that can be found here in Louisville. The namesake, Weller, is synonymous with quality in the bourbon world, and names like Old Fitzgerald, Julian Van Winkle, and others have made a mark on the property.

Currently, the property is home to I.W. Harper, Blade & Bow, and Orphan Barrel, with some Bulleit Bourbon presence as well. And while Van Winkle and Weller products are not made at the distillery, there are some fantastic wheated bourbons being made at the distillery that are making a mark on the industry. 

During the tour, you’ll hear how those legendary names had an impact on the facility and what their roles were in the history of bourbon. You’ll also hear about the booms and busts of the industry, and their effects on the property during these times of change. You’ll also get a chance to step into the past several times throughout the tour through various stories, vintage equipment, and views of pre-war property. 

On the basic distillery tour, you will see a smaller distilling operation, as mostly medium-sized brands are being produced at the distillery. The largest bourbon brand in the portfolio, Bulleit is now being produced at its own facility. You’ll still see a still, bottling line, a small R&D area, a cool old workshop, and more. 

In the main building, you can find a sort of bourbon museum with some cool relics from I.W. Harper and Blade & Bow. There is a bar where you can grab a pour or a flight, and they recently opened their Garden & Gun club where you can get some seasonal cocktails and small bites of food. In the gift-shop, you can find some nice offerings from the brands mentioned earlier with an occasional rare release. 

In all, we really love this stop and think it has one of the best stories out of all the Louisville distilleries and some incredible products. So, be sure to add the Stitzel Weller Distillery tour to your list on your next tour day! 

** Please note, Unfiltered Kentucky Tours is not paid to advertise any distillery or experience on our website. We simply enjoy bourbon, and try to visit each distillery every year to see what’s new. We will always ask first, but may join you on your tour if we haven’t been to one in a while, or if one of our drivers hasn’t been. Personally, we nerd out a crazy number of things during these tours. but, we keep these reviews vague, in case you were wondering.. We want you to be able to see these beautiful operations and ask questions for yourself! Cheers* 



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