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Sweet Mash Bourbons & Ryes at Peerless Distillery

On the second part of our Louisville distillery tour day, we decided to head towards the Portland neighborhood to visit another craft distiller. We did a Peerless distillery bourbon tour, and once again, this was an intimate experience where we had the place to ourselves. (This is a perk of going on tours in the off-season or early in the week!)

Peerless is another one of those “under one roof” kind of destinations, but this time you’re in a historic, multi-floor building that serves as a distillery, bottling facility, and rickhouse! It is, in-fact, one of the only Kosher fully-operational distilleries in America, taking extra care in cleanliness and starting a new mash from scratch each time. 

While the facility itself has only been open around a decade, the foundations of the brand go back to the 19th century. On this tour, you’ll hear all about those origins, as well as some fun family history and stories as you pass through the distillery. 

One of our favorite parts of the Peerless Bourbon Distillery Tour was the multi-level stops where you can see the production equipment from the top to bottom, with great views of each. It was also nice to tour a rickhouse without going outside in the cold. We did end up getting a nice surprise on the tour, as the staff was dumping their first-ever toasted barrel finish product at the time we were passing through the dumping area. We got to sample this whiskey, and I will say it was absolutely fantastic. 

The tasting for the Peerless bourbon distillery tour was great as well. The price-tag for Peerless whiskeys can be a little high (which is justified based on quality), so it was nice to try a handful of whiskeys before buying anything. In the sampling,  tasting notes and profiles are presented for each whiskey, so the tasting is one where you can practice tasting and nosing different kinds of products. 

Overall, the Peerless bourbon distillery tour was a lot of fun. We had a younger gentleman as our tour guide, and I feel like we found a lot of the same things interesting as each other, so they had my attention the whole time. This distiller tour was an easy way to see a unique, fully-functioning distillery with a cool story and some high quality bourbon! 

** Please note, Unfiltered Kentucky Tours is not paid to advertise any distillery or experience on our website. We simply enjoy bourbon, and try to visit each distillery every year to see what’s new. We will always ask first, but may join you on your tour if we haven’t been to one in a while, or if one of our drivers hasn’t been. Personally, we nerd out a crazy number of things during these tours, but, we keep these reviews vague FOR YOU... We want you to be able to see these beautiful operations and ask questions for yourself! Cheers* 



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